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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Sleep With Men To Make Money For My Boyfriend - Kasawale

By Our Correspondent

Cinderella Kofie AKA Kasawale, a former actress, has said that her partner, who has 77 possessive spirits, tricked her into sleeping with guys for money after stealing all of her belongings.

Kasawale, who is now an evangelist, claims that he stopped by her store for a pedicure and proposed to her. The man returned a little while later with a Don Simon drink, which happened to be her favorite. She fell in love with the man after drinking the wine. Evangelist Kasawale said that they established a connection in which he introduced her to his 77 spirits, who occasionally assisted her.

" He told me about the spirits he works with three months into our relationship. They' re 77, but he assured me that he works with them and that I shouldn' t be afraid. They gave me a phone number to contact if I needed help. He assured me that they would not harm me and that I should accompany him. He was quite fond of me, which is why he informed me about the spirits, " she explained. 

Kasawale went on to say that they had never hurt her, but that " he did not give me money. " For us, he spent all of my money and even forced me to sleep with men. This was before I became accustomed to his spirits and began to accept their assistance. "

She also said that many of the hairstyles she performed for her customers were provided to her by these spirits while she was working as a beautician. Because the majority of them are from the spiritual realm, she recommended women to avoid current hairstyles and clothing.

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