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Friday, March 4, 2022

Russian Soldiers Raping Ukrainian Women Is Humiliating And Sickening- Ukraine Foreign Minister Reveals

By Our Correspondent

Ukraine' s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba asserted that Russia' s enmity had surpassed bombing, citing many accounts of " women being r@ped" in occupied territory. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister renewed his request to the West for greater assistance, warning that strikes on residential areas had risen in recent days.

Mr Kuleba accused Russia of violating the rules of war by attacking residential areas, claiming reports of " women being raped" by Russian soldiers in seized sections of the country. The Foreign Minister endorsed calls for the establishment of a special criminal tribunal to probe Vladimir Putin and his conduct throughout the continuing conflict.

Mr Kuleba stated the following: " When bombs fall on your cities, when soldiers rape women in occupied cities- and sadly, we have several incidents of Russian forces raping Ukrainian women in cities– it' s impossible to speak about international law' s efficacy.

" However, this is the most powerful tool of civilisation at our disposal to ensure that, in the end, all those who enabled this war are brought to account. " The Russian Federation, as an aggressor state, will also be held liable for its actions.

" We are utilizing all available mechanisms, including the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. " The Ukrainian politician did not specify if the allegations were made prior to the invasion. Svetlana Zorina, a Kherson local, also said that walking outside had become " hazardous" due to the explosions and recorded occurrences of raape.

She explained to talkRadio: " They began raping our ladies, and it has become quite unsafe to venture outside, particularly at night. " Unfortunately, I' ve heard about a few cases from people I know. " Human rights organizations warned last week that s£xual violence against Ukrainian women will almost certainly grow in the coming conflict, based on prior conflicts' statistics.

Sexual violence has been employed as a " weapon of war" on numerous occasions and may be included in the arsenal used to subdue Ukraine. Steve Crawshaw, director of Freedom from Torture, claimed that Russia' s own track record led him to believe that torture and human rights crimes will increase in Ukraine.

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