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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Police arrest two man with female parts in Osun State

By Oluwayemisi Oloyede

Men of Osun State Police Command has arrested two suspected ritualists with some female body parts inside one hotel.

The suspect was arrested following some information received by members of the publics at about 9:30pm in a hotel  where they had lodged. 
  The names of the apprehended criminals are Ayodeji Saheed and Tunde Obadimeji who both confessed more than 70 girls have been slaughtered and sold their parts to one Abefe Sadiq at #600:000:00 Six hundred thousand naira for a girl killed for him .                 

  Meanwhile, when he was asked how they get ladies to used, he said that getting the girls was so easy, we lure them with money and fancy things and they fall into there trap".

They went further saying that girls of this days are easily lured with those things. All they need to do is to get or rent a fancy car with cash they would spend on the girls, and that is all this girls need. Then they are being taken to a hotel room where they are told that they would be having fun overnight but instead they are being slaughtered.

The CP advised the general public to norture their female child very well. And they should share information to all female friends, sisters and colleagues that they should all be careful not to fall a victim. Because all glitters are not a gold.

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