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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ignore doing online businesses with me, Elejio cried out

By Oluwayemisi Oloyede

In other for us not to fall into the hands of thieves, His Royal Majesty Oba Oluwasesan Ajani Ogunmuyiwa, Elejio of Ejio land has warned the general publics to disregard any calls or businesses on his behalf as his account has been hacked by online thieves.

Oba Oluwasesan Ajani Ogunmuyiwa made this known in a telephone conversation with our Correspondent in Abeokuta.

The Monarch warned everyone to disregard any calls, business or money for any assistance.

He explained that, is hailed and healthy. And nothing is wrong with any members of his family and you will not have any cause to transfer money to help or save the life of any of his family members.

"Elejio stated that his account has been hacked by some disgruntled element and before they Begins to carry out their trick and abnormalities, such calls or messages is not originate from me".

He said, "this because the online thieves will be calling  or send messages for assistance or help, please don't do that, if you don't see me one on one don't transact any business on my behalf henceforth, Oba Ogunmuyiwa".

He added that he has retrieve his line back and everything is working perfectly with him. But don't transact any online business with anyone in my name.

I didn't not send anybody to help gathered donation or raised fund. Please disregard any strange calls.

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