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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tinubu, Atiku, Saraki, Dele Momodu Should Give us a Verifiable CV See Professor Yemi Osinbajo Resume


Tinubu, Atiku, Saraki, Dele Momodu Should Give us a Verifiable CV

See Professor Yemi Osinbajo Resume

  By Our Correspondent

Name: Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN
Other Names: Oluyemi Oluleke, 
Date of Birth: 8th March, 1957, 
Place of Birth: Creek Hospital, Lagos, 
Home Address: *********************
Lagos, Nigeria. Nationality: Nigerian, 
Marital Status: Married.


London School of Economics & Political Science, Master of Laws – 1980, Nigerian Law School – 1979, Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria Winner of Graham-Douglas Prize for Commercial Law University of Lagos, 1975-78, LLB, Second Class Upper, Winner State Merit Award -, Igbobi College Yaba – 1969-75, School Prize for English Oratory, 1971, 1972; Adeoba Prize for English Oratory 1972-1975; Elias Prize for Best Performance in History (WASC) – 1973, School Prize for Literature (HSC), 1975; African Statesman Intercollegiate Best Speaker’s Prize, 1974.


He worked with Simmons Cooper Partners (Barristers and Solicitors), Senior Partner, 2007 till date; University of Lagos, Professor of Law, Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law, 2007 to 2013; Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice; Member of Cabinet, Lagos State, 1999 to May 2007 ; United Nations Secretary General’s Committee of Experts on Conduct and Discipline of UN Peacekeeping Personnel around the globe, Member (2006); United Nations Operations in Somalia, Staff Member, Justice Division, UNOSOM II; Law Firm of Osinbajo, Kukoyi & Adokpaye, Partner; University of Lagos, Professor of Law and Head of Department of Public Law (1997-1999), Federal Government of Nigeria, Special Adviser to the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, (legal advice and litigation), 1988-1992; University of Lagos, Senior Lecturer I (1983-86), Lecturer II (1981-1983), Bendel Development and Planning Authority, Legal Officer (Youth Service),1979-1980


International Criminal Court, Counsel, 2012 Citibank (Nigeria), Independent Director, appointed in 2008; Senior Advocate of Nigeria, 2002 ; African Development Bank, Ethics Adviser, Advisory Board; Asset and Resource Management Company Limited (ARM), Board Member, 2011 Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria, Consultant, analysis of Legislation on Universal Basic Education, 2010; United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Assessing the Efficiency and Impact of African Anti-Corruption Commissions, Consultant, 2009; International Bar Association, delegation to South Africa to consider the issue of the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law, Member, 2008; Board of Studies of the Council for Legal Education, Member, 2003-2007; Body of Benchers, Member, 1999-2007; Council of Legal Education, Member,1997-2007; International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Arusha on training of Prosecutors, Consultant (2004); Revision and Publication of Laws of Lagos State, Coordinator, 2003; Human Rights Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association, Member (1999); Ministerial Committee for Review of Minerals Laws and Regulations, Member, (1996); ECOWAS, Eminent person group for the Harmonisation of the Commercial Laws of ECOWAS States, Member (1996); National Committee on the Review of Solid Mineral Laws, Member, 1996; Expert advisory team to Ethiopia to advice parliament on Legal aspects of Democratisation, Member (1992); National Committee on the Reform and Unification of the Nigerian Criminal Laws and Procedure Codes, Member, 1988-1991; National Committee on Prison Reform, Member, 1991; Compilation and Editorial Committee of Nigeria’s Treaties in Force (1970-1990) (Published in 10 volumes) Coordinator, 1991; United Nations African Institute for Crime Prevention (UNAFRI), Consultant, (1991); Delegation to the Meeting of Senior Officials of Commonwealth Law Ministries, Singapore, Leader, (1990); Task Force on the Revision of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, Member, 1990; Commonwealth Ad-Hoc Working Committee on the Protection of Cultural Property, Member, (1990); Senate of Lagos State University, Member ; Senate of the University of Lagos, Member; Convention on Business Integrity, Co-founder & Chairman, Justice Research Institute Ltd. Gte., Board Member , THE ORDERLY SOCIETY TRUST, Executive Director Negotiation and Conflict Management International Board Member, United Nations Development Programme/United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations/Training Programmes in Negotiating International Commercial/Financial Agreements for Senior Government and Private Sector Officials; and Providing An Enabling Environment for Foreign Investment in Nigeria, Coordinator; United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations/United Nations Development Programme, Consultant; Commonwealth Working Party on the Commonwealth Advisory Service on Arbitration, Member; Nigerian Delegation to Negotiation of ECOWAS Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties, Gambia, Leader ; Governing Board of Legal Research and Resource Development Centre (LRRDC), Member ; Governing Board of Empowerment and Action Research Centre (EMPARC), Member ; International Bar Association, Member; Justice Committee of the Transitional Work Groups of the Governor-Elect Lagos State, Secretary; British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Member. Membership of Editorial Boards of Learned 


Editorial Advisory Board of the Appellate Review Journal(Published by The Emmanuel Ayoola Foundation); Gravitas Review of Business and Property Law; Nigerian Supreme Court Cases – DSC Publications (Published in 35 volumes); Justice (Journal of Contemporary Legal Problems); Contemporary Law Journal, (Faculty of Law, UNILAG); All Nigeria Law Reports (Published in 31 volumes); LASU Law Journal, Lawyers Bi-Annual, Journal of Finance and Investment Law; National Correspondent Bulletin of Legal Developments, Editorial Director Justice Now legal newspaper. Membership of Editorial Boards of Non-Legal Publications: Member, Editorial Advisory Board of the News/Tempo, Editor/Consultant, Human Dignity (Journal of the Human Rights Club), Member, Editorial Board of Scrutiny (Advocacy Bulletin of Integrity) Publications.


The Common Law, The Evidence Act and The Interpretation of Section 5(a) in Essays in Honour of Judge Elias (1986) (J.A. Omotola, ed) pgs. 165-18;
Some Reforms in The Nigerian Law of Evidence Chapter in Law and Development (1986), (J.A. Omotola and A.A. Adeogun eds.) pgs. 282-311;, Rules of Evidence in Criminal Trials in the Nigerian Special Military Tribunals Chapter 2 in Essays on Nigerian Law, Vol … 1, Pgs. 28-42. (J.A. Omotola ed),, Some Public Law Considerations in Environmental Protection. Chapter in “Environmental Laws in Nigeria”, (J.A. Omotola ed.) 1990 pgs 128-149, Domestic and International Protection for Women: “Landmarks on the Journey so Far” in Women and Children under Nigerian Law”. (Awa U. Kalu & Yemi Osinbajo eds.) 1990. pgs. 231-241
Some Problems of Proof of Bank Frauds and Other Financial Malpractices in Bank Frauds and Other Financial Malpractices in Nigeria (Awa Kalu ed.), Modalities For The Implementation of The Transition Provisions in The New Constitution in Law Development and Administration, (Yemi Osinbajo & Awa Kalu eds.) FMJL Review Series, (1990). Legal and Institutional Framework For The Eradication of Drug Trafficking in Nigeria – Narcotics: Laws and Policy in Nigeria (Awa Kalu & Yemi Osinbajo eds.) FMJL Review Series, 1990
Proof of Customary Law in non-Customary Courts, – Towards a Restatement of Nigerian Customary Laws, (Osinbajo & Awa Kalu eds.) 1991, External Debt Management: Case Study of Nigeria – International Finance and External Debt Management, UNDP/UNCTC, 1991,
Judicial and Quasi-judicial Processing of Economic and organized Crimes: Experiences, Problems etc. Essays in Honour of Judge Bola Ajibola, (Prof. C.O. Okonkwo ed.) 1992, Human Rights, Economic Development and the Corruption Factor in Human Rights and the Rule of Law and Development in Africa (Paul T. Zeleza et al eds) 2004


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Problems and Prospects of Development Control 2004 Elections and Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria 2009
The Imperative of Electoral Reforms – A Critical Element of Constitutional Re-engineering of Nigeria 2009
Strengthening The Code Of Conduct Bureau 2009, Building Ethical Institutions: The Experience Of The Lagos State Judiciary 2009, The State Of Criminal Justice In Nigeria: Challenges And Opportunities 2009, Transparency And Ethical Considerations In The Development Of The Nigerian Economy 2009, The Responsibility Of Privilege 2010
Reforming Civil Procedure Rules: The Lagos State Experience 2010
Understanding How The Legal Process Works In Business 2010, The Modern Justice Delivery Technique 2010
Challenges Of Enforcement Of Securities In Nigeria 2010, Political Institutions And Electoral Integrity 2010, Development and Policy Use of Criminal Justice Information and Statistics 2010, The Retreat of the Legal Process 2011, The Rule of Law: The Foundations are Shaking 2011, Structuring Criminal Justice Administration In A Federal State: Priorities For Nigeria 2011
Regulatory Framework for Curbing Internet Crimes and Money Laundering 2014
Leadership and Legacy: The Power of One 2014, Repositioning Nigerian Universities For The 21st Century: Paradigms For Innovation And Change 2014, Delays In Justice Administration: Beyond The Rules And The Law 2014, Towards A More Transparent And Merit‐Based Judicial Recruitment System In States Judicial Service Commissions 2014, The Rule of Law and National Development 2014


Lagos State Government An award in recognition of invaluable 09/Sept/1999 contribution as member, Justice Committee of Lagos Transition Work Group Lagos State Government An award in recognition of invaluable 09/Sept/1999 contribution as MEMBER, policy committee of Lagos Transition Work Group Nigerian Bar Association Merit Award for outstanding Ikeja Branch contributions to the Bench and Bar and 15/June/2001 commitment to the rule of law in Lagos Lagos State Judiciary Award for invaluable support 06/Dec/2003 towards the upliftment and growth of administration of justice in Lagos State Judiciary Nigerian Bar Association Outstanding Practitioner award in 2004 recognition of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo
(SAN)’s contribution to the legal profession and the Nigerian Bar Association Magistrates Association of Nigeria Award of excellence in recognition of 09/Dec/2005 meritorious and selfless service to magistracy and humanity
Lagos State House of Assembly Outstanding performance award
28/April/2005, (The House Committee on Judiciary Human Rights and Public Petition) Nigeria Bar Association Award of honour in appreciation of an Ikeja Branch immense contribution to the 26/May/2006 development of constitutionalism in Nigeria, Thisday Newspaper Nomination as Legal Practitioner of the year
2006, Lagos State Ministry of Justice An Award in recognition of an April, 2007 eight year tenure of resourceful motivational and revolutionary leadership of the Justice sector in Lagos state
Nigerian Leadership Initiative Award for exemplary leadership in July 2007 government Committee for the Distinguished Mediators Award Defence of Human Rights in recognition of selfless commitment 20/Sept/2010 to peace and development Lagos State Government Emeritus Ambassador for the Ministry of Environment Environment 2010 Lagos State Government An Award in recognition of an outstanding 2010 contribution to the development of the Justice Sector of Lagos StateNigerian Lawyers Association Law and Justice Award. In recognition of
December 2011 an exceptional and remarkable service in the academia and the public sector, dedication to advocating for and implementing Judicial Reform in Nigeria.

The Lagos State Judiciary and An Award in recognition of a meritorious
The Lagos State Multi-Door service on The Lagos Multi- door Courthouse 2014 Courthouse Governing Council

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