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Friday, January 21, 2022

Sex Workers Sell Client's Sperms Of For GHC 1,000 In Ghana

By Yakubu Taiwo

 Ghanaian men have been warn to desist from illegal sex, as sex workers have started selling clients' sperms to ritualist for just GHC 1,000.

A military officer in Ghana made this known to press men in an interview recently.

In Ashaiman, a former pimp who is now a military officer has made a shocking disclosure about sex workers. According to him, " Tuutu line" prostitutes in Ashaiman utilize their clients' sperm for rituals. The soldier revealed in an interview with that pimping has been his job since he was a civilian, and that he used the money to pay his fees and feed himself.

He said that he became friends with the majority of the prostitutes at Ashaiman, where he worked as a bouncer, ensuring that the prostitutes were not abused by the clients. 

The most alarming aspect of his disclosure is that the result of every encounter is sperm, which is sold to those that need them for rituals to charm thier victims.

The presenter was taken aback and inquired how much the sperms cost, to which he replied that the minimum cost of releasing a ' CD' is not less than a thousand Ghana cedis.

He went on to say that his bosses at the military base had hired him on multiple occasions to prostitute them with Ladies..

" Prostitution is a very sensitive topic that I am always concerned about, " he explained in Twi. Actually, I' ve been sending my bosses there to have sex with prostitutes. Just behind the police station lies the Ashaiman Tuutu line. You' ll feel awful if you' re not careful and have a fight with one of the prostitutes, and you' re reported to the police. "

" The fraud lads utilize sperm to execute rituals to produce money, " he stated when asked why they really need the sperms. Nothing will work for you after your sperm has been used for rituals, according to one of the fraud ladiees I spoke with. Even your financial situation will be unpredictable. " When money comes into contact with your hand, you are unable to use it for anything beneficial. When your sperm has been used for a long time, you may lose your life."

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