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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Pastor Removes Woman's Beads And Sleeps On Top Of Her Inside The Church.

By Our Correspondent

What is happening in this world? Just recently a video has surfed online after a woman was spotted in church were the pastor removed the beads she was wearing in order to cast a demon out of hear. And the pastor had removed the beads, he decided to sleep on her back as a way of transfer his heavenly powers onto her body.

During the church service he explained why he did that saying " the beads this woman was wearing was possessed, I had to take it off in order to get rid of the spirit. God has many ways of blessing individuals and can sometimes do something weird in order to heal you. I am just a messenger of God so I had to do what he told me.

 Whether people are happy about what I did or not, that is not my problem. All what matters is that I have healed this woman from a problem".

Many online users were angry and called the pastor a fake one. According to many twitter users, they explained that this pastor must be arrested because how can you remove the beads of a woman in church just in the name of God. Many users also supported the pastor and defended him and compared what happened to what Jesus did in the Bible when he disciplined some of his messiah' s.

This isn' t the first time that a pastor has done something disgusting in the house of God just in the name of religion. Just recently another pastor even bathed a group of women in his congregation and wore them new pants. 

Also about some few months ago, another pastor was caught undressing a group of family members because he claimed that their clothes they were wearing were all possessed by evil spirits.

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