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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Nigerian Parents must Prevent Falling, Expecially In The Bathroom

By Our Correspondent

Chief Adebayo Alao Akala came from Abuja yesterday evening after he attended Mrs.Mulikat Adeola Daughter's wedding at Abuja.

 He woke up this  morning at around 4.30 am to call his Housemaid whom he instructed to put on the generator and  the Air-condition in the  sitting room.

He further ordered the man to put on the heater as he will be having his bath.

  He went into the bathroom, fell and became unconscious.

While this was unknown to the housemaid, his political friends and associates who regularly trooped in/ gathered around 7.30am at his house were worried that their principal is yet to greet them as it was his custom.

 This ginger their curiosity and went inside to see what might have happened.
Alas,here lies Baba s body on the floor and was conveyed by an ambulance said to belong to LAUTECH hospital  in the presence of his personal physician.

  IT was at the hospital that he was certified DEAD and has since been put in a morgue.

Late Adebayo Alao Akala was a committed Governor who served the state to the very best of his ability.
He was extremely generous and always meant well for all that cross his path.

May the soul of my former Governor ADEBAYO ALAO AKALA rest in peace,

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