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Friday, December 3, 2021

Breaking!! The Abuja Accord 2021 may beget another new political merger

By Princely Onyenwe,Imo

Following the discussions of some APC governors tonight at  a certain Abuja governor's lodge, President Muhammadu Buhari should get ready for surprises as revealed.

Report has it that not fewer than 11 APC Governors, 6 Ministers, 3 Former Governors and 2 Former Service Chiefs just left a meeting venue this evening in Abuja where they unanimously have endorsed one of them as their next Presidential candidate and a current serving Minister as Vice. The also have concluded on who will be  the next national chairman of APC from North central. The governors have also discussed on their option B as defecting to a new merger party with not less than 41 senators and 116 members of house of Representatives as they drafted their list.

They also mandated one of them to reach out to all prominent youth and student groups, civil society organizations and other political parties for an all encompassing coalition ahead of their permutations.
It was revealed that few of the APC Governors and Ministers who weren't invited for the meeting are those with different polilitical alliance within the APC, either for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo or another.

That the current political unrest within the ruling APC, the heat from the opposition PDP and insecurity challenges in Nigeria especially the death of Lt.Gen.Attahiru Ibrahim, many Senior officers and men, sack of former Inspector General of police, imbalances in appointments and promotions amongst others have further broadened the Camps and divisions within various security agencies is stating the obvious as the meeting was said to have opined too. It was revealed that the Armed forces, Police and other Agencies have been bulkanized into camps loyal to one retired General or the other, thereby living every reasonable national player with the suspicion of any eventuality if the political situation and insecurity challenges isn't handled with care.

Having a well discussed, detailed think-tank meeting that lasted for close to 2 hours, report has it that they also made provision for option C which is to have  the military (of their own players in service) take over the administration of Nigeria Government for a period of six months if the political and insecurity situation goes beyond their control under a democratic system.

This could be another hit on the political atmosphere of the country if a new party is floated.

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