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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Owner of Hilton Hotel Ile-Ife Osun State May Get Life Imprisonment For Murder Of OAU Student

By Our Correspondent

The owner of Oduduwa University and CEO of Hilton Hotel in Osun state, Prince Ramon Adedoyin is currently passing through hard times due to the murder of a masters student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Timothy Adegoke.

According to information, Timothy had lodged in Hilton hotel because of an exam he was supposed to write in OAU but was surprisingly unreachable by his family members. They launched an attempt to find him and at the end of it all, it was discovered that he died and has been buried in a very suspicious situation.

The police swung into action by arresting the owner of the hotel who is a popular socialite, Prince Ramon Adedoyin for murder of the young man. He was arrested about six days ago and till now, is still in police custody in Osun state.

Several investigations have been carried out though Prince is yet to be confirmed guilty but his son who is now at large was reported to have supervised the burial of Timothy Adegoke due to reasons yet to be known.

As the day goes by, the situation keeps getting worse for Prince Ramon Adedoyin as all hands are pointing accusing fingers at him because he owns the hotel and is expected to be aware of everything happening there whether he is there physically or not.

An autopsy has been conducted on Timothy’s corpse after it was exhumed and result is expected to come out in a few week time after which the police will proceed to court for judgment on the case.

Looking at the situation of things, Prince Ramon Adedoyin may be held responsible for the murder of Timothy Adegoke and will most likely be found guilty of the crime because he owns the hotel. According to Nigerian constitution, murder attracts either life imprisonment or death sentence at worse case scenario.

A similar case happened in Ondo last year when a child was declared missing in Prophet Babatunde Shotitobire’s church. The child reportedly went missing during a church service but at the end of it, the owner of the church, Prophet Babatunde was held responsible and sentenced to life imprisonment for the missing child.

Prince Adedoyin’s case is more sensitive because death has been recorded. If he has a good lawyer and great defense, he may get away with life imprisonment but if not, something worse may be declared for him.

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