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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Group tell Buhari to sacks Abubakar Malami to save his government

By Our Correspondent

President Muhammadu Buhari has been called upon to immediately sack Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami, in order to be able to sanitize his government.

A group, on the auspices of Middle-Belt United Assembly (MBUA), made the call in a statement issued by its President, Comrade Moses Mwarga Aji on Sunday in Kaduna.

The group noted that many controversies and allegations hanging on Malami’s neck are too many and weighty to be ignored considering the sensitive nature of the office he occupies.

The statement observed that for President Buhari to allow the AGF to continue in office would destroy his legacies and thereby advised him to immediately shop for a more competent, reliable and above all a man or woman of high integrity to appoint as new AGF.

The group expressed displeasure over the recent invasion of the Abuja residence of Supreme Court Justice, Mary Odili, which Malami was accused of being behind, saying that although the AGF denied his involvement in the invasion of Justice Mary Odili’s residence in Abuja, but few days later, one of the arrested suspects confessed that he is AGF’s consultant.

The statement noted that President Buhari was voted by the majority of Nigerians to fix their problems but things are getting worse and out of hand, stressing that most of Buhari’s appointees are not helping him as the appointees are for their personal interests and not the interest of Nigerians.

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