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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Yayi's story of Yewa is incontrovertible

By Dapo Oke, Yewa

In 2014, when I did not know Yayi, I raised observations and asked pertinent questions about his Yewa identity. Rather than being naive, I immediately chose the Path of knowledge to find out what I did not know about him and after making decisive necessary moves I got more than I bargained to know as nothing could be more revealing than the fact that Solomon Olamilekan Adeola's home coming was long overdue .

Yes, it was in 2016 that I took that bold step to do the needful. I expended  my time, resources and energies to find out facts about him and his Yewa identity having been informed by some well known and respected personalities that I goofed in my earlier claims concerning his ancestral reference. I therefore took an exploration trip to Isaga orile where I spoke with his family members including our highly revered  Royal Father, the Onisaga His Royal Majesty Oba Tella. In 2017,  after processing the information at my disposal and result of my investigations , I released a publication tagged , the "THE MAN YAYI……The Quintessence Journey" this was followed by a 15minute documentary that spoke volumes creditably about Yayi historical origin and his incontrovertible Yewa identify. Till date , no other publication had been made public to raise contrary revelation or counter the established facts and contents of my published story since 2017. 

Away from the publication, I was at Ilaro in 2018 , when the entire Isaga community led by the Balogun of Isaga Chief Lawrence Osayemi, the former Pro Chancellor of Federal University of Agriculture and host of other eminent personalities which included Professor Akinosi and Venerable Olushola Ladipo -Ajayi hosted Yayi to a reception organized by the Isaga Descendants Union at Asade Agunloye pavilion ,Empire field, Ilaro. Since then, I have not seen a single true Isaga born person coming to discredit my publication nor raise objection to the grand reception held to give credence to Yayi's Isaga and Yewa origin. 

I was again privileged to witness another reception for him at Pahayi where his Uncle Pa Ogundimu and several other siblings and notable indigines of the ancient town made remarkable statements confirming his origin and true identity as a bonafide son of Isaga okunmase , whose descendants migrated to settle at Ago isaga in the ancient town of Pahayi in the aftermath of Egba Dahomey war and invasion of Isaga of 1863. If we don't know anything about Yayi, I'm sure we knew much about the Ogundimus in Pahayi and Ilaro , their Isaga ascendancy whose family had confirmed that Yayi is their son prono bono.

Several other people who initially felt aggrieved and uninformed have gone out to various directions to dig out more facts about Yayi and their findings have not indicated otherwise. Rather , they have since became strong Apostle of Yayi political structure till date

I want to also call our attention to the fact that even up till this present moment inspite of their hatred and desperation no one had been able to give us any detail contrary story confirming their Ekiti reference of his place of origin the way we have done to his Isaga and Pahayi claims . None had been able to mention his family compound in Ekiti  , or identify his family head in Ekiti, all they have to say was he is from Ekiti .At least, Onisaga the traditional head of Isaga Kingdom home and in diaspora had spoken, the entire Isaga community had spoken through the Isaga umbrella body ; the Isaga Descendants Union , we still have on tape the family heads both from Isaga and Pahayi-Ilaro who made revealing information about Yayi parental background and descendantcy . 

Obviously, those attacking Yayi's Yewa origin claims have no story to tell other than the ones we told them in the past without substance . They have not been able to develop an independent narration other than the one they picked from social media in 2014. They have mischievously refused to make themselves available to new knowledge transfer which could  have put.

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