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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Residents Flee Community As Soldiers Withdraw From Niger Community, Terrorist Takeover

By Our Correspondent

Residents of the terror-battered Shiroro Local Government Area of  Niger State have again repeatedly fled their homes as soldiers reportedly  withdraw from the Allawa axis following a deadly terror attack.

The  withdrawal comes on the heels of the loss of two army officers to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in the region, further exacerbating fears among locals already grappling with the persistent menace of terrorist groups operating in the area.

It was learnt that the  exodus of soldiers from the Allawa axis, a known hotspot for terrorist activity, has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting an urgent scramble for safety among residents. 

According to accounts from local sources, the withdrawal of military personnel follows a spate of attacks by terror groups, culminating in the tragic loss of two officers to IEDs. 

Garba Mohammed, the Commissioner for Homeland Security in Niger State, confirmed the development.

He  revealed  that nine other soldiers sustained injuries in the onslaught and are currently receiving medical treatment at undisclosed facilities within the state.

While the withdrawal of soldiers may seem counterintuitive in the face of escalating violence, authorities insist that it is part of an “administrative arrangement” aimed at bolstering efforts to combat the insurgency.

 This explanation, however, offers little solace to residents who find themselves once again at the mercy of merciless attackers.

It was further gathered that   six officers had  lost their lives to terrorists within the span of a week, the toll of the conflict weighs heavily on the nation’s military apparatus.

He further gather that the  ripple effects of the military’s departure are keenly felt throughout the Allawa community, where the spectre of terror looms large.

It was reports that as  soldiers prepared to vacate their garrison town, a mass exodus ensued, with residents and refugees alike fleeing in search of safer havens. 

The heart-wrenching images captured  on the ground depict a stream of displaced families, their possessions precariously balanced atop their heads, as they abandon their homes in a desperate bid for survival.

It was gathered that the  latest withdrawal of soldiers comes against the backdrop of a protracted struggle against terrorism in the region, marked by a series of brazen attacks on civilian populations. 

It's reports that from deadly IED explosions to wanton destruction and looting, the scourge of terrorism has cast a long shadow over the once-peaceful communities of Shiroro Local Government Area.

As residents of the Allawa axis grapple with the fallout of yet another wave of violence, questions loom large over the efficacy of security measures in the face of an increasingly emboldened enemy.

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